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Travel diary

This wiki is an exercise carried out as part of the "Tours Autumn 2019" Animacoop training.
We started from a work started in the framework of the Animacoop training "Paris Spring 2017" and continued by the training "Tours Autumn-Winter 2019".
You will find below a trace of the questioning and improvements to realize this wiki.

Improvements and additions for the station

30.05.2017 Animacoop Paris 2017
The wiki from which we originally started
  1. Give the possibility to create and subscribe to a mailing list in the directory form (subscribe/unsubscribe button)
  2. Do not use applications that require passwords (e.g. Trello, Kanboard, etc.)
  3. Suggest to staff to indicate their skills in the directory (e.g. mediation, project management, etc.)
  4. Provide group management tools
  5. In the home page, create tabs in the hall to indicate: presentation of the project, instructions for use of the station, map of the station, and history of the project (display RSS CR, organisation chart (mail, and automatic telf), and provide a panel displaying the last 3-4 events or actions = Tania.
  6. Plan the "ritual" of the organisation's operation: timing of the change of management, website upgrade, etc.
  7. Set up a signpost indicating the skill needs of the projects or the organisation (e.g. webmaster, psychologist, etc.) and allow new participants to join the projects
  8. Imagine a virtual place "coffee machine" that allows participants to meet and exchange while making a good hot coffee to get along well: chat, etc.(see online )
  9. On the homepage, mention of the contact details of the person to call in case of problems (updated daily)
  10. Toilet or weir?
  11. Stabilise versions that are visible for return? Is this possible?
  12. Divide the "Agents" tab into sub-tabs
  13. Put the Agenda on the first page, in a column on the right?
  14. Secure a tab?
  15. Is it better to have a station with 5 blocked tabs or 5 thematic stations?

06.12.2019 Animacoop Tours 2019
  1. Our common production: the creation of a "physical" central station complementary or not to a "digital" central station, with feedback
  2. Our target: all collective projects that need a physical central station, facilitators of collaborative projects, members of collective projects
  3. The deliverable: the update of the existing Pop Central Station wiki site with a tab dedicated to the Physical Central Station containing examples (visuals) with the possibility given to everyone to add their example to share it with the community
  4. The difficulties encountered: time available (guilt list!), a lack of available examples (Central Station = animacoop concept), technical problems but not discouraged we continue!
  5. The recipe and ingredients: 5 people , 2 trainers as support, 1 collective meeting, 2 telephone meetings, 1 division of tasks, 1 framapad, 1 existing wiki site, 1 bit of imagination, 1 good dose of reflection and elbow grease. We mix it all up to get the result, before your astonished eyes!