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The new fake Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti Scritto watches build upon the great achievement of last year's Classic Fusion Berluti watch . Like the models of last year, the new watches use Berluti's distinctive patinated leathers for the straps as well as the dials, creating an effect of the strap continuing right through the watch for a very cohesive appearance.
There will be two models which will be provided, one in 18k King Gold with a brown leather strap, and the other in black ceramic with a black leather bracelet. Case diameter is 45mm, and the case layout is unchanged from the non-limited edition Classic Fusion Chronograph watches. That is to say, the traits that define the Classic Fusion Chronograph case, like the H-shaped screws, integrated lugs, and differing finishes on the case, are all perfect. Water-resistance is rated at 50m.
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