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I think it is sweet that a man would say to his woman that I love the way you look, and I do not want you to change anything about the way you are, that would be wrecking a perfect thing. Despite what people say about self esteem, it feels good to know that the man you love finds you attractive and sexy. Lots of women do not understand their own beauty. If a woman does not believe how beautiful she is, keep telling her. It is nice to hear someone call you beautiful. Coming to understand the sincerity of someone's profession of beauty can be one of the most remarkable and enjoyable things in life. I love being called beautiful by my husband even, or maybe even especially, when I am not feeling particularly beautiful.

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by Tevemer on 2004 Nov 8 - 01:24 | reply to this comment
Male Appraisal?
Two people who love each other should place their reciprocal appraisal above all others. That may sound a bit overly simplistic and perhaps fit only for an ideal world, but in real life both need to work toward that ideal for the sake of their mutual happiness. A self-degrading attitude is harmful to a relationship that should be a safe haven for both partners. If the attitude is allowed to persist, it could fester and destroy the relationship, devastating the people it was supposed to nurture.


by KrosRogue on 2004 Nov 8 - 05:54 | reply to this comment