Day 14- I am literally convinced I can give any woman the best sex of her life at this point. It’s been two weeks I feel pure and more in charge of my self and my actions. I truly feel like a full being and have been inspired greatly to write songs for the next album.

Day 15- Writing a bunch of new songs. I feel great I think that the biggest challenge was the first ten days. I now feel balanced no feelings of anxiety or depression and extremely creative. Although I have been working on music every day post the first day of abstaining i have felt a spike in creativity after the first week. I don’t think it is placebo because crazy ideas have came to me and i’ve not been stumped at all. The nicolas Jaar album has inspired me to go even more left. I think the feelings of loneliness have gone away after the first seven to ten days..I now feel more comfortable in this state then reverting back. I think the main reason im not tweaking and eager to go meet new women other than this snow storm is that im in a creative zone musically. We will see if this remains, but it feels good so far. Yarch on!

another_follower January 27, 2011 at 5:45 pm

i know this post is kind of old now, but i couldn’t google-out an answer to my question:
if my body is used and has formed with low testosterone levels (many years of playing with my pal…) , so will this once_a_week T level get me to my ACTUAL, genetically determined, physical appearance? I mean all the secondary sexual dimorphism features.
Cuz as a mid-twenties guy i’d really like to look more masculine… Or even have bigger “package”, and for god’s sake- a non-patchy growing beard!! =]

Can’t wait for replies!

Matt Savage January 28, 2011 at 12:36 am
@Pappy Mason,

Wow, great recap of your abstinence experiment! If only more guys would simply give it shot like you and see the results for themselves rather than going into endless speculation and denial.